CVS Pharmacy

Thousands of people visit CVS pharmacies daily to get their prescriptions filled or collect an already filled prescription.

CVS, being one of the biggest health retailers in the USA, has built a good reputation for what it does. Many people making visits to any of their pharmacies have a nice experience collecting their prescriptions.

However, at some point in the process of having a refill, some customers have complained of delays.

Delays are not normal, and might leave you wondering how long will one of the largest healthcare retailers hold my prescription?

The following is what you should know about filling your prescription using CVS.

How Quickly Does CVS Fulfill Prescription Orders?

It takes about two days to have a prescription fulfilled by CVS. After making your online order for a prescription, you have to collect it within two days.

Otherwise, CVS cancels the order and puts the medicines back on the shelves for other people to collect.

You have to re-order your medication once your order goes past two days. The rules are similar for a new order.

If unable to collect within two working days, then the prescription goes back to the store. However, some rules regarding prescriptions on hold can extend that time.

CVS has a working online portal where you make inquiries, order prescriptions, and even track the order via a live status terminal.

Once the retailer processes your order, you will be able to see this via the same portal for collection to prevent cancellation.

How Easy Is It To Make A Prescription Order On The CVS website?

The CVS online portal is the easiest way to make orders and have them fulfilled by the retailer.

Usually, it takes about 48 hours for CVS to process an application.

Before you can make inquiries online, you must create an account on CVS’s website.

After making an account, you will have your web terminal to place orders and follow them in real-time as the retailer processes them.

Once ready, the same portal will inform you to go pick up your prescription.

What Makes A Pending Order On The CVS Website Change To Go "On Hold?"

MY CVS Prescription

CVS works with pharmacists to validate prescriptions. The process takes time and might exceed the two-day limit for some normal orders.

On other occasions, the website automatically locks new prescriptions until proper validation from a pharmacist.

Locking prescriptions also happens because of unusual dosages, which requires a doctor’s confirmation, or strange activities in your account.

You can reach a CVS store physically to rectify mistakes in your prescription for faster services.

How Early Is It Possible To Get Prescriptions At CVS?

Normally, it takes about two days to have an order fulfilled. If the lines are not too large, you could get your order for non-controlled substances in under a day.

For extraordinary circumstances, where you have an urgent issue to attend to and need a medication refill earlier, you can work with CVS to have your medicine two days earlier.

How Does CVS Handle Online Prescriptions?

CVS Online Prescription

CVS has a mobile app that works similarly to other eCommerce stores. You first create an account, and then proceed to make a refill order.

Requesting for a refill online gives you a lot of convenience, as you do not have to walk or drive to a pharmacy.

In the app, you have a choice of two; you may decide to visit a pharmacy physically for your prescription or have it sent to a selected address.  

Further, the app gives you options for instant deliveries and next-day deliveries too, if in need of your medication quickly. You will find these options in the delivery tab.

What Can Delay My CVS Prescriptions By Over A Week?

Big lines at the stores or backlogs due to medicine shortages can delay prescriptions for up to a week. However, in ordinary circumstances, you should be able to receive them within a day or two.

You can make follow-ups by visiting a physical pharmacy if you think your medication has taken longer than usual to arrive.

CVS also has a special arrangement for medications needed quickly using the "on-demand delivery service." The service makes some urgently needed drugs arrive within hours' notice. You should consider this option if you run out of your prescriptions and need them replaced fast.

What Should I Do In Case I Am In A New Location With A Pending Order On The CVS App?

The CVS app allows you to switch locations easily. You can head into the app and open the personal informational terminal to update the new location. CVS will register this new location and send your medicine to wherever you are.

You can also have an impromptu change of new location to receive a pending order on the CVS website. CVs will acknowledge your sudden change and ship drugs to your new location.

Does CVS Store My Prescription History For Possible Future Review?

The Law requires that pharmacies, whether online or offline, keep personal information stored safely for a minimum of 10 years. CVS follows these laws and keeps your prescription history safe for up to 10 years.

The information is readily available on the mobile app and on the CVS website if you have created an account. The information presented to you has a print tab, which you can click and have as many copies of the prescription history as you would like.

What Does A Medication On Hold Mean?

Many reasons can make a prescription not valid right away. It could be due to delays in review by the pharmacists or for reasons on your side where you decide not to have your prescription filled.

When you have a prescription that is still far from running out, CVS can decide to put your current prescription, similar to the old one, on hold for up to six months.

The retailer decides the right moment to have your prescription filled once it is out of the “on hold” designation. However, if you choose to forfeit the prescription, CVS reserves the right to issue the medication to another patient.

What Is The Easiest Way To Send My Prescription To CVS?

CVS Pharmacy Sidewalk

You can easily reach CVS and present them with your prescription using a phone call.

The above method is simple, but a bit complicated if you are not familiar with medical terms. The other most preferred way is to have your prescription reach CVS straight from your health provider electronically.

The store locator mode in the mobile app is also a nice way to present your prescription accurately to CVS by visiting the nearest store. The app scans your location and finds the nearest store for you to drive by if you are mobile and have your prescription filled.

What Types Of Prescriptions Can I Order Online?

Fortunately, CVS delivers most of the typical medications to you.

However, the mobile app will reject any attempts to order hazardous material from any online store operated by CVS. You cannot also pick up hazardous materials without proper documentation from any drug store.

CVS will not fulfill your order if your drugs require refrigeration or when the medication requires strict control from a qualified health practitioner. You can use the CVS'S website to find out whether your medication requires special handling before ordering.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me To A CVS Pharmacy for Drug Collection?

You have to carry your identification and the prescription paper issued by your doctor.

For online orders, you do not have to carry anything at the collection point since you have already sent the prescription.

You can also have your doctor call the pharmacy if you are on the move and do not have the paper prescription with you to have it fulfilled. 

Remember that in-store pick-ups work regardless of where you made your order—online or at the counter. However, you must collect already shipped orders at the address provided on the online app or the website.

Does CVS Make Background Checks Before Issuing Drugs?

CVS uses a centralized database to check whether you have completed your previous dosage before issuing you with new drugs. Attempts to have a refill before completing a previous prescription may have you put on hold.

You must also have a legitimate current prescription for some types of drugs issued by CVS. The medicine retail company may consult with your healthcare practitioner in the transaction or use a pharmacist to make confirmation of a suspect prescription.

CVS might put your refill request on hold if you have had multiple refills recently from other places, or if other places have blacklisted you for a type of drug.

Does My Doctor Know My Prescription History With CVS?

Your doctor plays a significant part in drug prescriptions. Usually, healthcare practitioners might send an electronic message to CVS to inform them of your prescription before you receive it. CVS also calls a doctor to confirm a prescription that is on hold.  

Your doctor can also have your prescription history upon request. CVS will grant this wish in collaboration with you to have them monitor your progress for change of medication or dosage.

Does CVS Take Any Steps To Reach Me Before Canceling Uncollected Prescriptions?

CVS makes routine calls to customers with fulfilled orders ready for collection. You will receive a phone call after two days or a text message informing you to pick up your medication. If you do not respond early, the medical retailer will return your drugs to the shelves for sale to another person.

What Happens When I Finish My Schedule II Prescription And Need A Refill?

CVS does not ship schedule II drugs after they are exhausted. You have to visit your doctor a second time to get permission to have a new prescription. 

Typically, the kind of prescription involving schedule IV and II expires after six months according to the law. In addition, the type of drug does not have a shelf life and six months is the standard for having a visit to the doctor for a new prescription.

What Are The Steps To Follow When Switching to CVS?

CVS Pharmacy Drive Thru

You have to notify your previous pharmacy of the change before you can start receiving drugs from CVS.

You do this by making a visit to the old pharmacy or initiating the change online if your previous drug supplier has an online terminal to affect the change.

CVS can help you make the change by calling your previous pharmacy to inform them of your decision.

Harmonious changes to a new pharmacy will help transfer your prescription data for better services in the future. The change also stops you from abusing drugs.

Bottom Line

CVS fulfills prescription orders in under 48 hours. If you do not get your drugs in the normal specified timeline, confirm whether you completed your order properly on the mobile app or online portal.

If there are no issues with your order, chances are your prescription is on hold. Visit a pharmacy using the store finder feature and correct any mistakes in your held prescription for release.