Rural King Senior Citizen discount

Rural King is a rural-lifestyle shopper’s haven. With over 100,000 items to select from, it has become a core part of the US market for rural communities.

They have over 130 branches strategically situated close to their customer base. Rural King also boasts the lowest prices in its segment and also features a price match policy.

Rural King offers a special discount to seniors and has provided a specific time just for seniors to shop, which is between 7:00 am to 8:00 am every morning.

Their website does not mention the specific percentage discount for shoppers; so, you might want to confirm these details with your local outlet.

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What Is a Seniors Discount?

A Seniors discount is a practice by businesses to slash a small fortune off the full purchase price of an item for people above 50 or 55, or 65 years in some cases. 

It is a superb way to keep your budget in check while reaping the benefits of clicking your half a century mark.

Even though businesses are not under any legal obligation to offer senior citizens a discount, over 40% of businesses in the US have chosen to do so. 

As a senior, you can get a discount when you patronize hotels and restaurants, apparel stores, goodwill stores, antique stores, bus and taxi services, salons, and even flights.

The discounts vary across the market. Some are low while others are decent. To qualify, you have to show your ID to prove your age, but that’s a small price to pay for what you save overall.  

Brief History of The Seniors Discount

The practice of offering a Seniors discount is not new. As a business strategy, it began back in the 1960s.

The idea was founded on the premise that senior citizens are not financially capable or that their financial muscle declines as they age.

In the 1930s, the President Franklin Roosevelt Social Security Act granted senior citizens federal financial assistance in response to increasing financial distress cases among the aging community. 

At that time, it was indeed true that seniors were disproportionately disadvantaged and the great depression had wiped out most people’s savings.

Over time, financial aid to the seniors was bumped up and in 1965, Medicare was instituted to help with medical expenses.

In 1972, supplemental security income was added to cushion the seniors. 

So, the idea stuck; that senior citizens need as much help as they can get to navigate their financial lives successfully.

To look good and create a positive brand perception, businesses began offering seniors discounts. At first, it appeared as a mere PR stunt by businesses.

Today, businesses do it to attract more seniors to their businesses because they make up a large percentage of the customer base with a higher purchasing power than was the case from the 1930s to 1960s. 

How Old Do I Need to Be to Claim a Seniors Discount at Rural King?

Group of Senior Citizen

There is no official age at which one suddenly becomes a senior.

Nonetheless, different businesses place a cut-off point, the earlier ones beginning at age 50 and the rest between 55+ and 65+.

Rural King considers anyone above 55 a senior citizen. 

To take advantage of this provision, as soon as you hit 50, enroll yourself with the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) or any such organization, such as AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).

These official memberships allow you to begin cashing in all the senior citizen discounts. With an AMAC membership, you don’t have to do the detective work of trying to find where the discounts are.

They have a discount map on their website that helps one locate discounts in their locality. 

Do Foreigners Enjoy Seniors Discount at Rural King?

Probably not. There are no clear guidelines for this issue.

It is assumed that since one has to show a US government-issued identity card to prove their age, a foreigner would have a difficult time accessing the discounts.

The businesses had American citizens in mind when they set up the seniors discounts, anyway.

If you believe you qualify to be a senior citizen, foreigner, or not, ask the company to make sure you don’t miss out on any savings.

You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Common Ways of Giving Senior Discounts

Giving Senior Citizen Discount

Senior citizen discounts are categorized by industry or business type, as well as by how you get access to the discounts.

Each industry has a list of businesses that offer varying discounts to seniors. The most common ways of receiving senior discounts are:

  1. Getting a percentage amount off the full purchase price of a service or an item. 

  2. Creating a special time for seniors to shop and providing them with personalized services during that time, as is the case with Rural King.

  3. Offering some free hours of service before requesting payment. A great example is the amusement parks and fitness clubs.

  4. Providing free after-sale services such as shipping and delivery as long as one uses the online verification process to prove their age.

  5. Providing discounts and perks to seniors belonging to certain associations. Associations like AARP and AMAC negotiate discounts and privileges for their members. You only need to show your membership card and the discounts will follow. 

Some Great Locations to Ask for a Discount

Just like Rural King, a majority of businesses offer discounts to senior citizens.

The following is a list of some of these to get you going, especially if you have just recently reached the senior citizen age and are still getting used to it, or if you are just about to become one and don’t know where to start. 

1. Restaurants

The qualifying age varies across different restaurants, but most discounts apply to people aged 55 and above.

Remember that senior discounts are rarely advertised and can be changed without any notice. Always inquire to establish the specific details of each restaurant.

Here is a partial list of restaurants that have been offering a seniors discount for a long time and are not likely to suddenly disband it.

  • IHOP: Their discount comes in the form of a senior's specific menu with everything at a reduced price. 

  • Burger King: 60-year-olds and over qualify for a 10% discount at select locations.

  • Arby's: Some of its branches offer free drinks to senior citizens. 

  • Ben & Jerry's: Select locations offer a 10% discount to 60-year-olds and above. 

  • McDonald's: In some select branches, upon reaching a minimum purchase, seniors get discounts on coffee. 

2. Apparel

It is not true that senior citizens are not into fashion, that they would rather wear plain dresses and knits, spending all day playing bingo.

Many senior citizens work jobs, run businesses, and enjoy regular living, including shopping for clothes.

Here’s a partial list of clothing stores a senior citizen can get discounts from: 

  • Any Salvation Army Thrift Store: Here, as long as you are 55 years or older, you get 50% off all items. Each location has specific seniors discount days. Confirm the details with your local branch.

  • Ross: Every Tuesday, people aged 55 years and older get a 10% discount. To claim this, Ross requires you to produce your photo ID at the till as you check out. 

  • Kohl's: There is a 15% off discount on all purchases made in-store on Wednesdays. Proof of age is required at the checkout. Unfortunately, this discount doesn’t apply to certain clothing brands sold in the store, gift cards, and sporting goods.

  • CJ Banks: Being 60 and over qualifies one for a 10% discount every Wednesday. 

  • TJ Maxx: There is a 10% discount in selected stores and on specified days for seniors aged 55 years old and over. However, always call to confirm if your local branch is one of these. 

3. Groceries

Groceries are a recurrent expense that every American would love to save on.

With the rising cost of living, discounts on groceries and coupons have become a lifeline for many.

As a senior, you can enjoy discounts at select grocery stores. Here are some: 

  • Fred Meyer offers 10% off on purchases made on the first Tuesday of every month. You must be 55+ to qualify for this discount. 

  • Fry’s Food Stores: Every first Wednesday of the month, those aged 55 years and above receive a 10% discount at these stores.

  • Compare Foods Supermarket: Every Tuesday this supermarket offers a 10% discount on all purchases made by seniors. However, you must be 60+ years old to claim this discount. 

  • DeCicco Family Markets: They offer several discounts at each of their branches. Confirm with your local branch for specific details. 

  • Gristedes Supermarket: Every Tuesday, seniors aged 65 and above enjoy a 10% discount.

4. Hotels 

In most cases, if you are over 60, you are entitled to hotel discounts, whether you belong to any special memberships or not.

You may not be an avid traveler, but when you do, you are assured of discounts in the following premium hotels;

  • Marriott: Travelers over 62 years and over receive discounted rates for both accommodation and meals. Always confirm with the specific establishment about their discount packages for seniors.

  • Best Western: Here, you can receive up to 15% off or more on accommodation if you are  55 and older. However, proof of age is required as you check-in, even if you have made the booking earlier. 

  • Wyndham: As long as you are 60 years and above, you get to enjoy a 10% discount on all hotels under the Wyndham umbrella, which include Hawthorn Suites, Ramada, La Quinta, and Baymont Suites.

  • Omni Hotels & Resorts: You can get special rates at Omni Hotels if you are 60 years and over. 

  • Choice Hotels: Seniors qualify for a 10% discount. However, the hotel considers seniors as anyone aged 60+. 

Can I Combine my Seniors Discount with Coupons and other Promotions at Rural King?

Senior Citizen looking for discount

There is no clear answer to this question, but the assumption is that you can only redeem one discount at a time.

As in most stores, senior discounts cannot apply to gift cards or items already on promotion.

If Rural King is running a flash sale, the listed items cannot be bought under any other promotional discounts, gift cards, or otherwise.

If you visit Rural King at the stipulated seniors shopping time of between 7:00 am and 8:00 am, whatever you purchase at that particular time qualifies for no other discount plans except the seniors discount. 


American Senior Citizen Couples

Discounts and promotions come in all shapes and sizes and are given for all sorts of reasons.

The bottom line is that they attract customers and cement brand loyalty in a particular market segment.

The seniors discount has evolved to what it is today; an entrenched practice in the business world that recognizes the critical role that elder citizens play in society.

It’s a direct recognition of the contribution of seniors during their prime years, and an acknowledgment that they are aging and therefore need as much help as they can get.

This practice is not likely to be discontinued any time soon.