Military Discount

Many businesses in the US, particularly retailers and service industries, offer special discounts to active military personnel and veterans and their families to appreciate them for their sacrifice and service to the country.

For instance, Kohl's gives a 15% members discount only on Mondays for active military, veterans, and their nuclear families.

Other retailers choose a different easy part from a regular discount to show their support for the military. 

Rural King does not offer any special military discounts in any of its outlets.

Active military and veterans can take advantage of the regular discounts offered by Rural King to all their customers. 

RK offers other types of support and helps active military and veterans. They also donate money on veterans' day. 

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What is Rural King?

RK Holdings LLP, famously known as Rural King Supply, is a leading specialized farm and home merchandise chain store in the US with over 130 stores in different states.

This retail giant has provided a great rural life-friendly shopping experience for Americans since June 5th, 1960.

The first store was set up in a rural part of  Illinois, specifically, in Mattoon.

Rural King Supply is committed to offering its customers the best prices for all items in its stores.

Their product category includes home items and toys, hardware and garage items, towing and offroad, garden and lawn, pet care items, tools, farm and ranch items, outdoor living items, guns, and gaming items.

To give you an idea of how vast this company is, RK stocks a variety of over 100,000+ farm and home items. 

Why Doesn’t Rural King Have a Military Discount?

Hiring Veterans in the Store

Every business has the discretion to decide what they offer in terms of special group discounts, and RK has decided not to offer military discounts.

This, however, does not mean that they do not appreciate, care for or support the military, who risk life and limb to keep us all safe.

Rural King generously donates to the Gary Sinise Foundation, which caters to the needs of active military, veterans, and their families.

Recently, RK donated $640,000 to this cause via the Gary Sinise Foundation. They also hire veterans in their stores as a secondary way of supporting them. 

Similarly, another large retail chain store, Walmart, which has over 11300 outlets worldwide, does not offer military discounts.

They have also chosen other ways to support and appreciate the military and their families.

An interesting fact about Walmart is that its founder Sam Walton was a veteran. He served in the US Army as a captain from 1942 to 1945, during the Second World War.

Walmart decided that in place of a discount, they would offer employment to veterans and their spouses. From 2013 to date, Walmart has hired over 320,000 veterans and active military spouses.

How Does Rural King Partner With The Gary Sinise Foundation?

The Gary Sinise Foundation’s mission is to serve the US by honoring military personnel and their families in different ways, such as curating programs uniquely designed to inspire, teach, strengthen and build up the military communities.

The money that Rural King donates to the foundation is to enable the programs to be carried out successfully and sustainably. 

Some of the impactful things that the Gary Sinise Foundation has done include; 

  • Served over 691,540 meals to the military community across the country.

  • Provided over 50 mobility aid devices to deserving war heroes.

  • Modified and adapted 40+ vehicles to assist veterans with their daily mobility needs.

  • Retrofitted up to 72 homes for needy defenders.

What Types of Discounts Can the Military Make Use of in Rural King?

Veterans Smiling

These may not be military-specific, but they are discounts nonetheless designed to save you money. Here are some provisions Rural King has come up with to provide affordable shopping for its customers;

  1. RK has this monthly giveaway where it gives one of its newsletter subscribers a gift card worth $500. This money can be redeemed at once or during various shop visits. If you want to join the newsletter subscription via text message, simply text the word ‘KING’ to 24321 or go to the RK website and look for a sign-up icon. Signing up for the newsletter enters you into the gift card draw. It also ensures you are among the first to receive new product lists, flash sale alerts, discount announcements, promo codes, and exclusive deals. 

  2. Rural King also has a special members’ credit card that gives you 7% off your first purchase, an interest-free period lasting 6 months for purchases over $299. You will need to pay the full credit card bill within this interest-free period or you will be charged interest starting from the purchase date. 

  3. Manufacturers’ rebates are also another way to save money as you shop at RK. However, not all products qualify for rebates. You will also need to fill out rebate forms with your details, which are then sent to the manufacturer. Rural King has a rebate section on their website, which you can check out to see the current offers. 

  4. The Price Match policy. This is not unique to Rural King. Many retailers offer a price match for products they claim to offer the lowest market prices. Rural King’s identity, however, is built on its claim to be committed to offering its customers the lowest prices, even where there are no offers, promotions, or sales going on. Rural King doesn’t just match a competitor's price, they sometimes choose to beat it. This policy has some terms and conditions attached to it. Find out from the RK customer care desk what these are. 

  5. Associates Discounts. Because Rural King hires veterans, they get to enjoy the associate's 15% discount off all their purchases at Rural King for as long as they are with the company.

  6. Rural King holds numerous flash sales of select items a few times every month. Flash sales are a great way to save. They feature highly discounted prices. The fact that one can redeem these offers online makes flash sales quite a draw for customers.  

  7. Weekly promotions on hundreds of items are sent through emails or put up on the company’s website every week. You can sign up for alerts or be on the lookout every time you visit their stores. 

  8. RK supports Slickdeals, a crowdsourced shopping platform that also has a phone App. The Slickdeals team works hard to provide a comprehensive list of the best available promo codes and coupons. Rural King is included in their coverage.  To date, SLickdeals has saved US online shoppers a whopping $6.9 billion. 

Which Retailers Offer Military Discounts?

Thank you Veterans

While it is a bummer that Rural King does not offer direct discounts to the military and veterans, you can still find other stores that offer the traditional discounts to active military, veterans, and their families. There is quite a number, so we have listed just a few great places you can shop. It is good practice to ask if a military discount is available and be sure to have carried your identifying document, just in case the answer is in the affirmative. 

  1. Target offers 15% off on purchases made by active military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families. 

  2. L.L.Bean has a 10% discount for anyone with a verifiable military Identity card. They also accept online verification.

  3. Moosejaw applies a 20% discount on full-price purchases made by military members.

  4. Nike provides a 20% discount on their products if you are in any military service arm; from the Navy to the marines, to the coast guard personnel. This discount can be redeemed both offline and online. 

  5. Adidas offers a 20% discount at their factory outlets and an extra 10% off when you shop online, which means veterans and active military personnel can get as much as 30% off their purchases. 

  6. The Apple Store offers a 10% discount on all its products and accessories for active military and veterans. 

  7. Best Buy usually offers 10% discounts in some of their locations, which one has to redeem in-store. They also offer half-price for Geek Squad service if you are a military family. 

  8. Dell applies a 10% discount on all PCs and electronics if you send them an email to their US sales agent address with your military identification.

  9. Microsoft offers up to 10% off on some products. The discount is available to active, former, and retired military members and their families.

  10. Home Depot offers tax exemption all year round in their stores to active military, disabled veterans, and their nuclear family members.

Why Do Military Discounts Matter to Retailers? 

This question makes sense to military personnel and their families, but as a regular citizen, you may be curious as to why this is such a big deal. Retailers understand that the military (both active and retired) and their families are a marketing segment all by themselves. Besides the fact that the discounts are deserved, seeing that military personnel and their families sacrifice a lot to keep Americans safe, companies offering them are viewed as sensitive, more responsive, and patriotic, which can only be good for business. And, of course, the military and their families are more than willing to receive these special discounts established for their exclusive use. 

Why Retailers Consider Military Discounts Critical to their Business

Veteran Shopper

  • Military discounts improve brand perception. Your brand is viewed positively not just by military members and their families, but also by people outside this special group. 95% of shoppers say they take note of companies that offer military discounts, which influences their perceptions.

  • Another significant reason is that the military community is made up of over 8.3 million active-duty personnel and employees, as well as over 30 million veterans and military spouses, and former US Army employees. They hold a purchasing power totaling over one trillion dollars each year. Attracting them to your brand comes with a great ROI over the short and long run. 

  • Interestingly, military families earn 36% more than regular families, travel 4 to 5 times more, move to new states/addresses twice as much, and spend over $690 million buying apparel for retired military people. It makes business sense to attract and retain this market segment.

  • Their purchasing power is further boosted by the fact that about a quarter of the veteran community comprises great entrepreneurs. They, therefore, can afford high-end personal purchases. They also regularly travel more, own second homes, invest more, and buy wine, cigars, and other luxury items. 

  • Military-friendly companies tend to attract increased loyalty from the military community. It is a win-win scenario. The discount is great for the shopper, but since it keeps them coming back, it also serves the retailer’s interests. Talk about ingenious marketing!

If you are a retail store that does not offer military discounts for fear of sacrificing margins, the above reasons should help you decide if this is a good strategy for your business, or not.


Military discounts are popular in the US, and for good reason. They are a great way of showing appreciation to your country's defenders. Offering discounts also makes great business sense as it gives you access to a unique market awash with cash. It is also a great strategy for ensuring repeat business as discounts keep the veterans coming back.