Rent a carpet cleaner

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company, you need one that not only provides stellar service, but also one that is not too expensive. One such company is Dollar General.

They provide affordable services for their customers, who run into millions. Dollar General uses a third-party provider known as RugDoctor to offer their customers a carpet cleaner rental service.

Depending on your needs, you will need at least $35 if you are looking for a 24-hour Pro Deep Cleaner service.

To rent the service for a bit longer, you will be required to pay $45; that is an extra $10 for the additional 24 hours. This price, however, does not include cleaning solutions and brush attachments.

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Types Of Carpet Cleaners You Can Rent at Dollar General

There are two unique Rug Doctor brands of carpet cleaning models rented by Dollar General renters. These are the Mighty Pro X3 model, which is highly recommended for cleaning large surfaces.

The other is the Deep Carpet Cleaner machine model that's ideal for shorter periods and small areas. This model allows faster cleaning and is easy to use.

Are there Time Limits To the Carpet Cleaner Rental Service

Renting a Carpet Cleaner

The maximum rental service period offered by Dollar General is two days. Clients are charged extra should they exceed this period.

For select models, you have the option of renting the machines for a period of 4 or 24 hours.

Are there Extras Offered With Carpet Cleaners?

You can rent a set of brush attachments to use with the machine for $5.99 per day, which is normally not part of the rental cost.

You will also need to purchase the requisite cleaning solution at an extra cost from the Dollar General retail stores.

Number of Dollar General Stores in the U.S 

There are 18190 Dollar General stores located in 47 states of the United States. Of these, the biggest number, 1709, are located in Texas, followed by 1017 in Georgia.

The Humble Origins of Dollar General

Dollar General Establishment

The story of Dollar General stores starts during the Great Depression, which commenced in 1929 and dragged on for ten years until 1939.

During this difficult time, James Luther (J.L.) Turner began buying and liquidating general stores that were going bankrupt.

J.L. had an only son, Cal Turner Sr., who accompanied him to some of the closeouts when still a small boy. In the process, father and son acquired critical business skills and knowledge.

When the depression was coming to an end in October 1939, with a startup capital of $5000, the dynamic duo of father and son opened J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale.

Entry into Retailing and Growth

The wholesale business rapidly evolved into retailing, which was J.L.’s third attempt at retailing, and also his last.

By the early 1950s, annual retail sales had climbed to over $2 million, sparking a history of growth that has persisted to the present day.

On June 1st, 1955, the premier Dollar General store was opened in Springfield, Ky. The store followed a pretty basic concept: every item in the store was priced under a dollar.

The novel idea quickly caught up with the populace and marked the beginning of the remarkable success attained by stores owned by J.L. Turner and Cal Turner Sr.

As 1957 came to an end, DG's 29 stores recorded combined annual sales of $5 million. 

Renamed Dollar General Corporation

With the passing away of J.L. in 1964, in 1968, the company he co-founded with his son went public. It was renamed Dollar General Corporation. It recorded $40 million in annual sales and a net income of over $1.5 million.

After joining the company in 1965 as a 3rd generation Turner, Cal Turner Jr. succeeded his father in 1977 as president of Dollar General. He led the company until 2002 when he retired. By the time he called it a day, DG Corporation had expanded into over 6,000 stores, recording sales revenue of $6 billion.

Expansion Across the U.S

Today, DG has become the forefront discount retailer, embracing 18190 stores across the United States. It has stuck to its original work ethic of friendly customer service and hard work that the founding family embodied.

Besides the yellow Dollar General store sign, which is a symbol of quality and value, DG has consistently featured low daily prices that made them so wildly successful in the early days. Even today, almost 25% of Dollar General's items still retail at a dollar. Besides, they have remained faithful to what made them so successful in the past: simplicity.

Cleaning Hacks for your Carpet

Cleaning Hacks for your Carpet

A dirty, smudgy, or smelly carpet can be a real turnoff.  Besides calling professional cleaners to the rescue, there are a couple of things you can attempt first. Here are five from a very lengthy list.

1. Use Lint Roller

Vacuuming your carpet is great and will get rid of most of the dirt. However, there are some stubborn hairs or crumbs that simply won't budge. Well, here's a quick fix: get a lint roller, add some elbow grease and start collecting the stubborn particles. This will fix your problem pretty quickly.

2. Using a Squeegee to Eliminate Pet Hair

A vacuum cleaner rarely gets rid of pet hair, and lint rollers may not do the job perfectly. This is where a squeegee comes in. Although it's mainly designed to work on windows, it's perfect for dislodging frost, gunk, and other types of stubborn dirt such as pet hair on your carpet. Just get some water and a squeegee and the job is done.

3. Use an Iron Box to Purge Stains on your Carpet

To clean a stained area, start by vacuuming it to remove hard particles so you can focus on stains. In a ratio of 3:1, mix water and vinegar and treat the spot. Within five minutes, the stains will be gone. Next, get a towel and place it on the stained area. Place a hot iron on it and press. The stain will be transferred into the towel by the heat, just like a temporary water tattoo does.

4. Dab, Don't Rub

Most people instinctively rub dirt away. This may work on some materials and surfaces, but not with a carpet, since it only tends to spread it. It's also possible that by rubbing, you transfer the stain into the fabric of the carpet, causing discoloration. As you apply pressure on the stained area, the liquid gets absorbed into the sponge or cloth.

5. Using Baking Soda

Among the most stubborn stains to remove from a carpet is oil. Sometimes you may need more than hot water and dabbing. Baking soda can help. Apply it generously to the stain and leave it until it absorbs the stain. Once the oil is absorbed, dab the stain away.

How to Effectively Clean Your Carpet at Home

Vacuuming Carpet

Every now and then, your carpet will need the attention of a professional cleaner. In the meantime, knowing how to keep it clean before the scheduled professional cleaning is critical.

It demands constant maintenance, which involves vacuuming it often to keep dirt and dust off and prevent premature wear and tear. If you can, vacuum both sides of your carpet. Here are four steps you can follow to make sure your carpet is always clean.

1. Vacuum in a single direction

Vacuum one row after another, moving wall-to-wall in one direction. Avoid vacuuming back-and-forth, which is what most people do. Instead, upon reaching one end, vacuum back along the same row you have just dealt with to pick up whatever dirt you may have missed in the first swipe.

2. When the bag is half-full, empty it.

Change the bag whenever it's half-full and never reuse it. The cleaning efficiency of your vacuum may be compromised by 50% and above if you wait for the bag to fill up. Reusing a disposable bag will yield the same compromised efficiency.

3. Vacuum Slowly

Besides making sure you are vacuuming in one direction, do it slowly so the equipment can work on the carpet, sucking in as much dust and dirt as possible.

4. Vacuum Often

You don't have to wait for the carpet to look dirty to clean it. By the time you notice dirt on your carpet, it has been piling up underneath the fibers. Ideally, vacuum it at least once a week, twice even better.

Finally, here are Three Tips for Maintaining your Carpets

The secret to a clean carpet is regular maintenance. Below are a few tips on making sure your carpet is perpetually clean. 

  • Get Rid of Impression Marks and Indents: Furniture, especially if it is heavy or sharp-edged, has the habit of leaving marks on the carpet. To keep this from happening, rotate the furniture regularly so it's not in one place for too long. However, should there be an indent on the carpet, get an ice cube and rub it over the affected area. Next, fluff it up and leave it to dry completely.

  • Work on Stains Immediately you Spot them: The moment you see a stain on your carpet, attend to it as fast as you can. The best way to do this is to carefully blot it away so the spill doesn't spread further and deeper into the carpet fibers.

  • Clean Thoroughly: You should have your carpet professionally cleaned after every six months. This is one way of avoiding DIY rug and carpet cleaning as it carries with it several risks, among them overwetting, which can sometimes cause the underlying dye to leak through.


Renting a carpet cleaner at Dollar General is highly affordable. For $35, you can rent one for 24 hours. If you need one for double that time, an extra $10 is all you need.

At the end of the day, the goal must be to make sure your carpet stays clean throughout, and regular maintenance is key to ensure it is not compromised by dirt, stains, and dust.

Since the first Great Depression that started in 1929 and ended in 1939, DG has evolved from humble beginnings to the behemoth it is today, serving millions of clients in more than 18190 stores across the United States.

Renting a carpet at a Dollar General store is a straightforward process. You can use the equipment for the regular maintenance of your carpet until the next scheduled appointment with a professional carpet cleaner.

Behind the fundamental growth of DG stores' is a commitment to customers, communities, and employees' service. This is what has helped Dollar General to grow from one wholesale store to what is today; the United States' biggest small-box retailer. Irrespective of where you are in the U.S, there is definitely a DG store near you.