Target Order Pickup

Target is always open for in-person shopping; you can walk up to a local store and buy whatever you want yourself.

For a long time, physical shopping has been a thing until the dot-com era, when most shopping switched online.

Target has followed the popular trend by offering pickup services for various items in stock.

Target holds an order for up to three days if whatever is in your online cart does not have perishables such as vegetables.

Once the three days elapse, the store retains the right to cancel your order.

You have to make a new order and take advantage of the 2-hour collection period once the store cancels your pickup order.

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What Happens To My Pickup Order In Target If It Has Vegetables Included?

Target gives an allowance of three days for you to have everything sorted to pick up your order. However, the allowance changes when your order includes vegetables.

The store deems vegetables as perishables that need collection within 24 hours.

Normally, when you make an order on a business day, you should pick up your fresh groceries by the next business day.

What Happens To Payments Made To Target On Canceled Orders?

After the allowance for picking up an order reaches a maximum—three days for the case of Target. The store returns all goods to the shelves.

Target will give a refund once it confirms that indeed you made an order and cannot pick it up within the allowable period.

Target has a different set of rules on issuing refunds on pickup orders involving fresh groceries.

The store might not issue a full refund if your cart contains some perishables.

Can Target Increase The Pick-up Time For Pickup Orders?

Initially, Target gives a three-day limit for the collection of pickup orders.

In the circumstance, you are out on a trip or have other more important issues than collecting an order. Target extends the limit to up to 6 days.

However, before the store increases the limit to six days, you must inform them before the three days are up.

The extension limit does not work for orders with grocery items, or perishables like bread. 

What Are The Steps To Follow To Have A Pickup Order Extended By Target?

Target has online stores that facilitate pickup orders. While in the app, as you would normally do when you have an order. Scroll to the order details section.

The section has all that you need to make an extension.

Follow the prompts and confirm that indeed, your order has three more days on top of the ordinary three days.

Is There Any Difference Between A Target Drive Up And A Pickup?

Target Drive Up

The two services are similar in the nature the store handles them, but differ in how you pick your goods while at the store.

Both of them serve a similar purpose. They save you time by having someone else pick up your goods on the store shelf.

The two are part of an online experience offering convenience to those who cannot afford to walk around Target to buy essentials or those who are immobile and need to have their shopping sorted by someone else.

Why Does Target Call One Service Pickup While The Other Drive Up?

For a start, they both need the shopper to make an online order. The main difference comes from the mode of delivery of the order. In pickup, you do not have to own a car, while in drive up, a driver must reach the store in their automobile.

Pickup is more convenient as a shopper can do it anywhere in the store, while drive up has an appropriate point for pick up. 

The Time Target Charges For Pickup Orders

Target does not add a penny on top of your pickup orders. The same happens with drive-ups. The two services make your shopping experience more convenient and not expensive. However, car owners using the drive-up service must park in a specific location where a target attendant will bring to them what they have ordered.

The Amount Of Time Target Makes The Pickup Order Available

Shopping at Target

Unfortunately, pickup orders can take up to two hours before they are ready for collection—usually at a Target store.

The timeframe means they might not be convenient if you are in a hurry and do not want to enter the store and find each product on your shopping list on the shelves yourself.

Within two hours, the store will alert you using a push notification on the app that will enable you to collect your order.

Any sooner than that, you cannot have your order. The mobile app only sends push notifications if you permit it.

Current operating systems have strict rules on the type of access apps have on your phone. You must give the app permission for it to make timely notifications.

Does Target Have An Android Version For Making Pickup Orders?

Yes, Target has both an android and an iOS version. The versions are free to download in the play store and app store. The Apple and Android apps work similarly and make your shopping experience more convenient. However, if you have a device that accesses neither the Android nor the iOS versions of the app, you can opt for the website.

The web experience is like the app experience and works well for big screens like those on desktop PCs. It makes shopping more immersive.

Things That Can Cause The Target Mobile App Not To Send Notifications

Apps nowadays have less control over the Android OS and iOS. The operating systems will not let them have their way unless given the correct permission.

If you disable all notifications on the lock screen, then Target will not have a way to notify you that your order is ready. The same thing happens when you limit the app from accessing background data or sending notifications on the drop-down notification bar. The app works better when set to access most permissions requested.

How Target’s Pickup Order Works

Target Cart full of groceries

To make a pickup order, you must have the app installed on your mobile device or use the web to access the eCommerce store.

Scroll to the items menu and find the products you want to add to your cart. Select fitting colors, quantity, city, and the ZIP code.

Confirm that what you have placed on your cart is what you want to buy, then click the submit button.

You can also click the edit button, to fine-tune some items that you no longer need, or add some more. The edit terminals also allow you to change color and quantity.

Target will receive your final submission and process it as soon as they can. The store will send a push notification once your order is ready for collection.

Are All Items In Target Eligible For Pickup Order?

No. Some items in Target require more from you than simply clicking the submit button.

Those items do not have the “pick it up” designation in the online store. Target sometimes labels items that you can pick up with the ‘add the item on your cart” marker.

If you cannot notice the two on a product, then you cannot buy it online or for pick up.

Requirements To Pick-up An Order At Target

Target will do a background check on you to confirm that the order pickup belongs to you. A bar code on the mobile App is usually enough for the target staff to give you your order.

However, if you do not have one, you will need some identification.

Identification documents can range from government-issued IDs to green cards issued to overseas residents, allowing them to reside in the US.

Note also, when you have made the payments for a pickup order online, the store does not ask you to show the method of payment once you present yourself.

Is It Possible To Return Items In Target Purchased Through Order Pickup?

Target allows returns on items bought using any pick-up method. However, because of banking timelines, refunds might be delayed for up to 24 hours on returns.

When making returns, the store will ask for a receipt. That is if you choose to return the items physically in a Target store.

Target also accepts purchase barcodes generated in the App when making the purchases.

The App also has a section for the generation of return barcodes that you can present together with the goods you want to return to the store.

How Long Does Target Take To Charge A Card After Making A Pickup Order?

Target takes time to confirm your order and make it ready for collection before it bills your card.

However, the pickup order may remain on hold, when the bank issuing the card makes some limits or holds the transfer of funds to Target.

Whenever delays pop up during the billing stage, where money needs to transfer from your accounts to that of Target, you may have to talk to your bank or card issuer to remove holds or any delays.

What Happens In The Event Of A Mistake In The Target Pickup Order

Target Mobile App

Target mobile App or website has an edit section after clicking the submit button.

The edit terminal allows shoppers to rectify mistakes made when shopping before Target fulfills the order.

If you select Drive Up instead of Pick up, you have a choice with the edit button to make changes and pick your order as you normally do in any target store.

Does Target Cancel Pickup Orders?

Usually, when you collect your order within three days before notifying the store to make an extension, you might not receive your order as planned.

The store can also cancel orders when some items run out of stock, and there are no immediate plans to restock the goods in three days.

However, before you go through the agony of a canceled order, Target sends emails as soon as possible to notify you of the developments.

It can also make suggestions to buy the items in another store near your location if the item is in stock there.

Target can also cancel an order if it cannot get your bank to allow payment for the pickup order.

You can resolve the situation by talking to your bank and having them release the money for the order to go through much faster.

What Extra Money Does Target Ask For When Fulfilling A Pickup Order?

Target will charge you for bags used to conceal the items you have bought to comply with state mandates. The fees charged for the items will top what you pay for goods in your shopping cart. However, the store will not ask for this money when you arrive to collect your order, it will total it and give you the final amount in the App.