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When it comes to alcohol, beer is one of the most popular drinks to grab because of its complex taste and carbonation.

Aside from that, beer is also very affordable, depending on where you go. There is also a wide variety of selections, including local, depending on where you visit. So, how much does a 30-pack of beer weigh?

A 30-pack beer can weigh different amounts depending on the brewery. On average, a full beer tends to weigh 5 to 16 oz.

However, it generally depends on the brand that you’re buying from. The standard beer weighs around 0.78 lbs. However, a 30-pack of beer weighs approximately 110 pounds.

Despite the answer we’ve given, the weight of beer actually depends on the brand. Packaging can differ depending on the brewery. So, how much does a 30-pack of beer weigh?

How Much Does Beer Weigh?

Depending on if you got beer bottles or cans, the weight can vary dramatically. For cans, the average beer can ends up weighing 0.78 lbs, depending on the density of the beer.

For North America, this can translate into almost 12 oz of beer. However, the amount of beer in a can ends up changing depending on region, brand, etc.

The reason for this is because of a certain number of factors. This includes:

  • The can size

  • The amount of beer inside

  • The type of beer

  • Brewing techniques

Some brands offer multi-packs that include multiple cans of beer. However, some brands only provide options for one or 6-packs of beer. It generally depends on what type of beer you are buying or if you’re importing it.

How to Measure Your Can of Beer

Can of Beer

The easiest method to measure how much is in a can of beer is to look at the measurement.

The measurement is generally in ounces depending on what region of the world you live in.

The standard amount a can of beer weights globally is 12 oz.

However, that amount easily changes depending on where the beer is manufactured.

The ones that are brewed for bigger audiences or events tend to be up to 30 ounces.

However, the standard smallest size of beer is 12 ounces.

Can vs. Bottle Weight

The biggest debate is the can versus the bottle weight of any beverage. Since we’re looking specifically at beers, the weight from can to can varies.

Each country makes its own rules on the cans, which can influence the weight of a can compared to a bottle.

A full bottle of beer can weigh approximately 180 g to 200g, which means a 12 oz bottle.

As you can see, this isn’t really different and is the general standard when it comes to purchasing alcoholic beverages.

The only difference here is that the type of material used to package the drink is changed.

How Many Beers are In a Case?

Beer in a Case

A case of beer generally has six cans in it. However, this is highly dependent on what is offered by the brewing company.

In general, most beers are offered in six-packs, kegs, and pints.

Although, cans of beer generally stay in the 12 oz range unless they are a super size. The large sizes can go up to 30 ounces or more.

Should You Get 30 pack Beers?

Unless you’re purchasing your favorite type of beer weekly, then you will want to avoid alcohol stores that promise to give you discounts.

Often, the bottle is more expensive than what you are already paying. Aside from that, you can save more on the bottles than you can on the cans.

The reason canned beer tastes good is that it holds more carbonation than its plastic counterpart.

So, if you’re serving drinks or buying them for friends, you should ask to see if they have a canned version.

Most restaurants will have a canner version, but you should still check the ingredients to see if it is something you’ll like. 

Beer Weight By Cans

Cans of Beer

So, you may be wondering what the weight is of each amount of beer. So, we’ve taken the time to give you an outline.

This is a very good guide for house-moms and stay-at-home moms with kids in the military. Basically, you can do the following:

  • The standard six-pack beer can range anywhere from 4.5 lbs to 7 pounds.

  • A 12-pack of beers weighs a total of 10 lbs due to each bottle weighing 12 oz.

  • Now, a 24-pack of beer ends up weighing 18 lbs or more. 

  • If we’re talking about a 30-pack of beer, it can be confirmed that it weighs between 24.5 and 31 lbs.

As you can see, a Wide of arf is based on a wide range of payment methods. However, not all the packages of beer weigh the same due to limitations. It’s best to pay the amount no matter what you’re given.

30 Pack Beer FAQs

Couple Drinking Beer

How much does a 36-pack of beer weigh?

A standard 36-pack of beer weighs approximately 12 oz per can of beer.

However, this amount can change depending on what company you buy your beer from.

If you are buying a large pint, then obviously, beer will cost 30 oz or more.

How much is a 24-pack of beer weight?

A can of beer weighs less than a bottle of beer, which makes it lower on the scale.

For your standard beer bottle weight, you can expect 12 oz in packs of either 6, 12, or 24.

However, cans of beer can come in higher packs, which vary in weight.

How much does 18 packs of beer weight?

An 18-pack of beer weighs approximately 12 oz per bottle. This 216 oz or 18 cans of beer.

This measurement can vary by quite a bit depending on the size of the bottle.

However, a standard beer bottle is 12 oz. Hence, we believe that 18 oz of beer is equal to around 2 lbs.

How much beer is in a 30 pack?

A 30-pack of beer is the biggest package you’ll find in your local liquor store.

Each can weighs 12 oz and can end up weighing 260 fluid ounces in total.

This amount can vary, but this is the general for 30 cans of beer.

Where Can I Find 30 package Beers?

Thirty-count beers can be found in a wide array of locations, with the major being liquor stores.

One can of beer equals 12 ounces. However, the amount of beer can range depending on the packaging.

If you’re looking for 30 beers, we’d recommend places like Costco, liquid stores, or wholesale stores that offer alcoholic beverages.


As you can see, a 30-pack of beer can change in weight depending on what brand and type it is.

The standard can of beer is 12 ounces. However, there are bigger cans that hold a lot more.

The best way to get an accurate description of how much the package weighs is to calculate the ounces on the can. 

Otherwise, you will be stuck guessing, and there will be no way to determine the actual weight. As stated, the standard is 12 oz, but we’ve seen large beer cans go up to 17+ oz in weight. So, you can imagine that the weight adds up quickly with more weight.